"Simple Dynamic … Alive"

Relaxed and associated with the nautical environment, although it's not very sophisticated it's pleasant. The space it's separate by several different atmospheres.

Naturally mostly "Alive", it's configure in to 3 leaves.

In the basement you can find the shellfish tanks were we can keep it alive in the best conditions for consume.

The entrance floor it's were you can find the house ex-libris the thematic tails of the most prestigious "Viúva Lamego" producer.

Also you can see a panting of the founder Sr. Ramiro made it for the painter "Gonçalo Jordão"  and a sculpture of "Filipe Curado".

The entrance floor it's the more busy and you can see alive all the frenzy team running side by side bring the fresh beer, the famous shrimps on the garlic sauce, the ham or the famous Ramiro desert "prego".



The upper level it's more peaceful. Separate in four main rooms

A private room

The "5 Jotas" room

The main room

The "Dom Perignon" room were you can find one triptych by "Luís Morgadinho"


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